Monday, November 24, 2008

Wedding Festivities!

Sorry most of the pictures are just of my family, the only ones I have are the ones my mom has soon as I get the others, there will be more of Bryce and his family!

I think I said (or screamed) "AHHHH! WISH ME LUCK!" He was getting a little frisky.Daddy daughter dance.My beautiful sisters!
Dads not happy I'm another mans woman!
My family.
Our families!
Bride and Groom arriving at the reception. Don't I look happy?
All of our friends and family...greatest support!
My gorgeous bouquet!
Bryce and I with my parents.
Out of the temple... :D
Our Wedding Dinner. Piggin out!

Yeah the weddings old news now, but here are some pictures from the beautiful event!


logan said...

Bryce congrats! You guys look so cute together. I totally know your wife's brother, Dustin. Funny! Logan says hi Bryce he misses you!! HAHA
-ashley & logan cooper

Cherie said...

Hey I took alot of these pictures!! So fun:))

Sarah Blue said...

I just found your website and had to Congratulate you on your marriage! I was in Bryce's ward many years ago. I'm so excited that he found such a great gal to marry. Congratulations!!!