Saturday, January 17, 2009

Beautifying the Kitchen...Its about time!

After 31/2 months of having a half decorated kitchen, I'm finally starting to finish it up. Maybe that's why I hated cooking so much...I had to spend time in there imagining all the things I wanted to do with it but didn't have the time nor the means to do it. Little by little it is starting to come together. I got my plant shelves done a few weeks ago and just got my curtains up. I also found a few goodies at the antique store last week. Now I just need to paint my cabinets!


Lauren said...

Loooove the antique window you hung up. So adorable.

I love everything you have done. Such cute stuff!

Cherie said...

Bree did you know your house is painted exactly like my craft room and same curtains (minus the cute black and white topper)! Whoo hoo and you have an antique window like I do in my entry hall (yah know the one with the pictures in it).
Your house is really cute so I must be doing something right!!

I do have to tell you that Ryan calls my craft room "THE LOVE SHACK". I think because of the red curtains and paint so I guess he would call your house "THE LOVE HOUSE" i DUNNO - aNYWHOO IT LOOKS CUTE.

Red rocks!!

(and bTW if Kurke would let me I would paint my kitchen red too - so cute!).

P.S. There is alot of stuff at IKEA that goes with that decor.

Jace and Jill said...

Bree!!!! You are SO beautiful. Love the wedding pics, you seriously look gorgeous. And you definitely have a knack for decorating!!! So jealous.

Higgs Happenin's said...

Looks so good! I love love love it!