Sunday, March 15, 2009

What happens in Vegas...Moxie style.

Bryce, Jason Walton, and Austin getting ready to get shot into the air.My sister in-law Ashtyn and I.kees kees!Enjoying the Las Vegas view from 900 ft. in the sky.
Scariest ride of my life.Before I knew it was going to be the scariest ride of my life...
Waiting for food at the Bellagio.Stuffing our faces.One of Bryces mission companions was in Vegas the same weekend so I was finally able to meet the other love of Bryces life!


simplyshye said...

oh my WOR D !! I would die - i can't even imagine being that high ... - BUT i do LOVE your yellow shirt with the bling :-)
Looks like you had fun - and I wouldn't worry bout the "other " love -- he-ain't-got-nottin on you Bree !!!
loves - loves -- shye

Austin and Ashtyn said...

What a fun trip! I love our matching yellow :0

Lauren said...

Umm...I would have DIED on that ride. You are so brave!

Cute post! And darling shirt!

Cherie said...

OK give me the dirt! I always want to know what stayed in Vegas!!!

You are one brave woman to go on that ride. I had lunch up in the Stratosphere restaurant and that made me a little nervous - ha ha.

Way to go chick-a-doodle!

erin said...

hi! you totally dont know me but i know bryce from high school! i just wanted to say that i LOVE your decorating :)

Mallory said...

Don't ever leave me again only to be able to find you through your mom on facebook......
Holy shiz girl, your apartment is just about the dreamiest little thing. You are adorable! It matches you so well! How is marriage! For gosh's sakes, where are you living and why haven't I seen you in ten thousand years?
My email is & my blog (that never gets updated) is