Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Blast from the Past!

So I flew in to Boise today...I'll be here for 2 weeks. Bitter sweet. I already miss my honey but its so fun to be home with my family. Whenever I come home I somehow find my way to all the old pictures. I crack up at some, aw at others, and cringe at many. Love the memories!




Ian and Kristen said...

Isn't it fun to go through old pictures?! So cute! Question: In the homecoming picture are you all three wearing the same dress in different colors? :)

Bryce and Bree said...

haha yes! we were crazy best friends. totally wanted to have the same dresses!

dina marie said...

I never get tired of hearing you sing in that video. So jealous of your voice.

Whitney said...

I had no idea you were a singer! girl you got a voice! Love going through old pictures even if it makes me cringe. Isnt is hilarious to see how times have changed. Elementary school pictures are the best... oh the big bangs!

Higgs Happenin's said...

AHHH good times I love it! Good memories. I love flipping through old pictures I do the same thing everytime I go home without fail. I have a big box from High school I need to go through.

You def. have a perty voice.

Lindsey Layton said...

What fun pictures!!! I love the one where you're dressed up as a bee!

Rad Rachel said...

Oh my goodness- so many good pictures, so little time! I have to make comments on a few.
Homecoming: hahahah I can never stop laughing when I see those pictures. Triplets all the way!
Gothic: hahahaha you and brittany we're so odd! I'm glad I was not apart of the playing-with-mac-makeup-so-we-can-have-scary-eyes..... but kind of jealous :)
I forgot the other ones I wanted to comment, but they're all glorious. LOVE THE MEMORIES!