Friday, June 5, 2009

Numero Cinco!

5 things I was doing 5 years ago:
1. Enjoying every possible second with my best friends Brittany, Rachel and my sister Dani.
2. I was the Junior Class VP and Rachel (listed above) was President. Loving student council.
3. Not so gracefully accepting the new role depression would forever play in my life due to a rollover car accident I was responsible for.
4. Developing my voice in Jazz Choir, and singing the National Anthem at events.
5. Constantly playing dress-up at school with my best friends. (Halloween, football games, spirit weeks, and any other reason we could come up with to be silly!)
5 things on my to do list:
1. Get a life while my honeys at work all day :D
2. Finish the Book of Mormon before we go back home to Mesa.
3. Continue on my quest for the perfect tan. ha.
4. Lose weight. Gosh dang it. Why does that have to take effort that I'm not so sure I want to give?
5. Make a new craft.
5 things I would do with a million dollars:
1. Pay tithing.
2. Endless possibilities of decorating my entire house! (That is the gorgeous brick dream house I want, with a wrap around porch, white picket fence, massive trees, exposed beams and a brick oven!)
3. Buy a Mini-Cooper and the truck Bryce is in love with.
4. Pay someone to lose weight for me. ha ha.
5. Open a boutique of some sort along with my "Beauty Barn" I've always dreamed of. Oh wait...I don't have any room to save some money...I guess it will all get spent. Come to think of it, I think I'd need more than a million bucks to accomplish all of the things listed above.
5 places I have lived:
1. Gilbert, AZ
2. Meridian, Id
3. West Mesa, AZ
4. East Mesa, AZ
5. San Diego, CA
5 things I want to be doing in 5 years:
1. Still feeling the crazy love I have for my husband...please tell me it lasts forever!
2. Having a good clue of what we will be doing with our lives.
3. Having darling little babies (girls hopefully so I can prove the Clarks wrong in thinking those boys don't make girls!)
4. Loving those children unconditionally even though I can't give them some of the things other mommy's can give their children.
5. Making sure those children know how much their parents love each other and the Lord.
5 people I tag:
1. Mom
2. Dani
3. Ashtyn
4. Brittany
5. Bailey


Lauren said...

Such a cute post! Yours is the cutest I have seen...and I have seen a ton of these meme's going around :)

You are darling!

The Brooks said...

Oh my gosh Bree, I LOVE the new header and side bar labels... Where did you get them or whatever...if you made this can I pay you to make me one! Your blog looks amazing. You are so talented girl!

The Brooks said...

Yes! Thank you... Well it looks amazing. I love it!

Austin and Ashtyn said...

Well your blog makeover is so cute!! Ok I just did a post today maybe I will do your cinco tomorrow :)

Higgs Happenin's said...

Aww the good ole days. guess what as of about 5 seconds ago, Rachel made a blog!

Anonymous said...

haha i love how "west" mesa and "east" mesa are labeled as two different places. Same city, but I believe you're right!

cute post.