Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hey Mama!

When mother comes to town...

I love you mom... Thanks for cleaning my house!


Connie said...

Your mom is so cute- as are you!!

Ian and Kristen said...

Looks like fun! Here's a funny story for you- I showed my husband the black and white picture of you and your mom where you're both smiling and asked him what he thought the age difference was... He thought you were sisters and were 4 years apart! Ha ha! You're mom looks like a teenager! You guys are so cute! Hope you're feeling a little better by now!

dina marie said...

Bree, I can't believe you posted these before me! They are so funny. It's a little scary when you click and enlarge the pictures...too close up for comfort. I had a great time and I loved helping you. I wish my house was as much fun to clean as yours! You are my shuggy pie and I love you. Thanks to Kristen's husband for thinking we were sisters. :)

Kassi Moyers said...

cute. you look exactly like your mom.
bree i really want to see your pregnant belly. please post a picture

Whitney said...

moms are the best.

bAiLeY said...

hey! not fair i wish i was there with you guys! looks like a lot of fun! I miss you!

Love ya!

Cherie said...

Those are the cutest pictures!!
The one with the lemons just made me crack up!!!!

I love you both!!

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Dani Gardner said...

haha love these pictures! i am completely and utterly disappointed that i had to miss out on all this. if i didnt have a full time job and wasnt in school, i would have been there without a question.........haha what a joke i made, seriously, who works and who goes to school? we sure don't :) love you sistaa!

Karm W-H said...

awww you 2 look like you had tons of fun!! so adorable. btw I left you a lil something on my blog (: