Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dear little sissy...

Dear Sis-
Today you turn 12 years old. Happy happy birthday darling! It's a big one...you now get to go to Young Women's! I know how excited you are for that. You are heading into a very important time in your life. You will learn and grow, and make choices that will shape who you are, and how others see you.
Always remember where you came from.

Remember your two sisters who taught you how to pose for the camera!

Remember how fun it is to play dress-ups, even if you're 20!

It's cute to make goofy faces!

You're family will always be there for you.

You can never be too old to play in the snow.

Remember your divine purpose on this earth. Be a good example to your friends.

Make it a goal to get married in the temple. That day will be so special for you.

It's good to be different.
Always remember how beautiful you are Bailey. Never change yourself or your standards for other people. I'm so grateful you're my sister and for all the joy you bring into our family. I hope you had a fun day! Wish I could be there for your birthday dinner and to watch American Idol with you!


bAiLeY said...

thanks big sissy! i wish you could be here too! i love you soo much!

~bAiLey (little sissy:)

bAiLeY said...
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dina marie said...

Bree, Bailey is so lucky to have you for a big sister. You girls have so many fun memories that will be with her forever. I love that my daughters are so close to each other and to me. I am thankful that you and Dani will be there for her in the coming years. I can't believe that it is time for me and dad to do the teenage thing all over again!

Anonymous said...

i love that girl, too! (although i only knew the little girl version, i think she still remembers me...haha).

Higgs Happenin's said...

Aw sweet.

Jennifer A. said...

Man- that was better than a Hallmark card! Very sweet...it's fun to watch Bailey grow up. I gave her a ride the other day and I could tell even her voice sounds more mature. Happy Birthday!

calli said...

This post made me cry. So sweet! Love you guys!