Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dear Daddy-

Hi Dad! It's me, your son.
I really miss you, and I know mom does too. Sometimes I hear her crying, and I know she just needs a hug from you. I wish you were home so I didn't have to listen to that every day! I miss you talking to me through her tummy, and then hearing her talk back for me in that stupid baby voice of hers. You guys always make me laugh! The doctor took some pictures of me yesterday. Mom says I'm the most beautiful baby ever...she better say that, I'm her son! I'm growing healthy and strong, just like you Dad. Please hurry home, cause once you get back, then we just have four weeks left till I'm out of moms belly and in your arms! I love you.
Your little buckaroo.
P.s. Aunt Leyla bought me lots of cool clothes, I know you'll love them!
Oh and don't worry about mom too much, me and everyone else are taking real good care of her. I even heard her tell GG you should go out of town more often cause everyone is spoiling her, but don't tell her I told you!


Cherie said...

Hope you are feeling good Bree!

Higgs Happenin's said...

hahaha This is too cute. You have one creative mind is all I can say! Hope daddy gets back soon he is one lucky dude.

J.D., Micah, {and} Jonnie said...

four weeks?! ahhh so excited for you girl!

J.D., Micah, {and} Jonnie said...

ohhh gotcha!! sheesh.. being apart is the worst! at least you're surrounded by family! that always helps:) well 9 weeks will be here before you know it... enjoy the peace and quiet while you can;)

dina marie said...

So happy to hear that the little guy is talking already. What a smart baby you have! :) Must take after his grandmama. Counting down the days until Bailey and I get to come. We are so excited. Bailey gets on your blog everyday to check how many days are left. Tons of love to you.

Whitney said...

The worst! Zach is leaving me for 3 weeks for the phillipines for work. Im DIEING!!! I cry all the time about it and he hasnt even left yet!

Higgs Happenin's said...

Aw thanks Bree! I had a super birthday, Maybe I'll post about it sometime haha. I've been a bit blog absent lately.

By the way I had a dream about you last night that you had your baby and it was a girl, but seriously like the most beautiful baby I've ever seen-no joke. Brown hair, and big gorgeous brown eyes.. I"m still thinking about it. Anyways you were having a baby blessing in Idaho and EVERYONE was there from ID and AZ, all your friends and family, and the stake center was packed to the back of the gym haha.

Well... you're not having a girl, and most likely not blessing your baby in Idaho, but I'm sure it will still be the most adorable beautiful baby EVER.

Rad Rachel said...

Hi. Um guess what? Britt just asked, "wait, when is Bree's baby due?!" And I was like, oh crap, I can't remember, but I know it's soon! So then I got on your blog in flash and checked out your baby-ticker-counter-majig and saw... 32 days!!! Ah! How magical. And exciting. I hope you're doing so well Bree. Is your hubby back yet? You should call me if you're ever bored. We shall chat. OH and you should also read the talk from Sister Dalton from this last young women's broadcast called "Remember Who You Are"-- I couldn't remember the name, so I just looked it up on, ha so here's the link,5232,23-1-1207-39,00.html
It's only my new favorite talk ever!!!! Seriously. I'm telling everyone I know about it. Well now that this is officially the longest comment of my life, I'll be done.
ps. say hi to that cute baby of yours for me.