Saturday, June 26, 2010

Baby Shower!

I had the most amazing baby shower in the history of the world!
Let me just take a minute to brag about my friend Leyla...
Not only did she go above and beyond to throw me such a gorgeous shower, but she has been there for me throughout my entire pregnancy. I don't know if I ever told the story about how I found out I was pregnant, but Leyla was over helping me get ready for a boutique and had some random feeling that I should take a pregnancy test...I thought she was totally wacko but she insisted and even drove to the store to buy me one. I went in the bathroom, and came out three minutes later bawling! She cried along with me (hers were excited tears, mine were scared to death tears) and listened to me say over and over that "Bryce is going to die, he doesn't want kids for at least 2 more years!" She waited in the craft room as my husband came walking in the house, only to meet his wife at the bottom of the stairs crying with a pregnancy test in front of his face saying "Leyla did not pee on this!" (She was also pregnant at the time!) If it weren't for her, I would have started beauty school the very next week, only to drop out once I found out I was prego. That sure saved us a billion dollars!
She took me shopping and bought me TONS of fun boy clothes. She came to my ultrasound appointment with me when Bryce was out of town...helped me register, etc, etc. Honestly I could go on forever.
Bottom line, everyone needs a friend like her. She has really made it impossible for me to ever repay her for the amazing friend she is! case you haven't gotten the clue, Leyla threw me my shower. Here she is. Gorgeous isn't she?
Mom, me, GG, and Bailey. It has been amazing having my mom and sis in town. She cooks dinner for us every night, keeps my house spotless, gets me up and out of the house everyday, paints my toes, and well, keeps me sane. Its so fun having company at the house!
Here is Leyla and her mother in-law Jayme. Jayme was kind enough to let us have the shower in her beautiful home. I'm sure her and Leyla have been slaving away all week getting ready for this. Thank you both!

Me and my hot hubby. He came along for the fun!
My mother in-law. She also helped with the shower! Honestly, I feel so loved. So many people sacrificed so much time and service to make this day so special for me. I swear I opened 8 presents from her! She made me the cutest blankets and burp cloths!
He's so excited to be a daddy! Cody, Leyla, Me and Bryce. Cody and Bryce have been best of friends since...forever. We were all dating at the same time and got married a month apart. We are BFF couples! It's actually quite hilarious, people either think Leyla and I are sisters, or they get us totally mixed up all together. When we were all in the singles ward together, ladies would come up to Leyla and ask how Bryce was doing, or me how Cody fact Leyla text me just last week and said she ran into one of the boys friends mom and she asked how Bryce was!
Bryce, Cody and baby Margot. (Cody and Leyla's beautiful daughter!) There is already an arranged marriage in the works.
Mom, cousin Toni, Aunt Annie, me, cousin Tenille, and Bay.
Bailey w/ one of Stefani's twins, me, Grandma, cousins Stefani, Alison, Natalie and aunt Donnie!
Cutest diaper cake EVER! (of course made by Leyla) Bryce said the thing he is most excited for are those jean diapers and some cowboy boots we got. Pretty sure if I leave him in charge of getting the baby ready, that's all he'll be wearing!
Ok here is a rag quilt Delight made me. It is DARLING! And matches his room absolutely perfect!
YAY!! Ok so me, mom and GG were on the hunt last week for a diaper bag. We walk into Nordstrom Rack and TADA! Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bags for way cheaper! Hello we could not be anymore excited! So I got the bag I wanted after all! I was a little worried that it had pink on it, and I'm having a boy but decided heck, I'm the one that has to carry it! It's pretty much my purse so it can be whatever color I want!
Wow, longest post of my life.
We had a wonderful day, and I'm now ready for this little sugar plum to come out!
Only seven more days till a human comes out of me!


dina marie said...

What a great day! Apparently I don't have to worrying about you being taken care of with me living out of state. You have so many people who love you and take such good care of you. Leyla did an amazing job and I am so thankful you have her for a friend. Now you and I have to get down and get organized. We are running out of time, daughter of mine! I feel very thankful to be able to have been able to be here for the shower. Fabulous party, fabulous day, fabulous daughter. Life is good.

Dani said...

i am SO unbelievably sad that i couldnt be there :( everyone looks stunning! and leyla, what an incredible job you did! i envy your ability to throw such an amazing baby shower! i think honestly i was the only one out of the entire family that wasnt there, thats what it feels like. i love you sis and i'm so excited for the new addition to your little family :) you are going to be a fabulous mother! i have always thought that. i actually teared up while looking at the pictures :'( but i'm glad it was such a fun party! LOVE YOU!!!

Dani said...

oh and bailey...WOW!! she looks about 5 years older! lookin good girl ;)miss you all

Whitney said...

The jean diapers kill me everytime!! So funny. The commercial makes them even better. Thanks for inviting me. You are going to be an amazing mama.

Connie said...

Oh my gosh cutest shower EVER! I'm seriously blown away- I would've loved to tag along and take pictures of it... the decor is perfect (:
And I'm so glad you got the diaper bag you wanted! WOo hoo! I may have to check that place out- who woulda thunk?

Rad Rachel said...

hahaha 'til a human comes out of me, holy crap!' I LOVE IT! Bree, I can't believe it's already come. How excited I am for you! You are going to be the best dang loving mother ever. I can hardly wait to see this darling baby!

YOU GO GIRL!!!! You're amazing.

Brett and Emily said...

leyla is so talented! the shower was beautiful! glad i could come!

Luke & Shawnie said...

Ya luckiest mama ever! Your shower was adorable! I wanted everything!! And that blanket Delight I want one! And yes Leyla is gorgeous and so talented and so are you! That's why it's hard to tell you two apart! I cant wait for your little man to get here!! You and Bryce will be the best parents!

Anonymous said...

That table display with all of that fruit and dessert is so pretty!

The Clarks said...

Oh Bree so fun! I wish I could have been there!! Leyla did a great job! I am so sad I am missing it all. And you look Gorgeous! That blanket Momma D made could not be any cuter! Soooo darling!! And those burpcloths she makes was my absolute favorite!

Last week girly!!! So Excited to see him, and so sad we are not there all at the same time!
Oh and your comment on my blog, I cant wait for all your little goodies you make for her either!! :) :)

Tahnee said...

wow cutest stuff ever!! what a fun shower!!

Leyla and Cody said...

Bree! You are way too nice! Thank you for all those sweet things you said. You are the greatest friend ever! I seriously cant wait to see the little man. (Margot cant wait either!) Lets get together soon, please! Love you!

Higgs Happenin's said...

Holy Crap is right. haha I can't believe your going to be a baby momma! You look beautiful and your shower looks amazing love all the stuff you got. SO FUN. Good luck I hope everything goes well for you in the next few days!

mindy said...

your baby shower is AMAZING! what a good friend you have! everything you've done for the room is so great. & CUTE diaper bag! love it.

TOTALLY saw you today in the walmart parking lot... i was walking with my mom & sister & you turned by me... i was like OH MY GOSH that was bree gardner! :) my sister was like well go catch her! hahaha it was fun seeing you & your fam! (dont think i'm a creeper!)

anyways... hope all is well

bruce ♥ chanteal said...

Looks like so much fun! and I love your diaper bag! Perfect price :)

bruce ♥ chanteal said...
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Ian and Kristen said...

What an adorable shower! I was bummed that I couldn't come because we were out of town! Hope it was fun though! And good luck on Saturday!

Anonymous said...

You look so cute. We are excited for you. As far as the c section goes it is not that bad. just take it easy for the first 2 weeks. wear the ugly hospital underwear because it will hurt to have preassure on your scar. also wear like a night gown or your husbands basketball shorts for the firt few days. have bryce make you a bed downstairs by the tv and put the baby by you. stairs are not a good idea. other than that ENJOY IT!


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