Monday, November 22, 2010

 It has been a long week...
and it's only Monday. Yuck.
Don't ya'll just hate getting a bad start to the week?
So, in an attempt to turn my frown upside down,
here are some happy moments.

Cannon had his first taste of rice cereal last week.
I cried. He's growing too fast.
But he loved it...and slept a long time that night!

This is Cannon's temper tantrum face. Haha.
Dear Son,
It's not a good thing to have such a funny mad face,
cause then mom might try to make you mad on purpose...just for laughs.
Love you.

Can you tell I'm a little obsessed?

Yum...I love the Holidays.

And I REALLY love this guy.

Plus it's Thanksgiving this week...and that's just the start of all the Holiday cheer!
Ok I feel a tiny bit better. I just need to go to bed.


bAiLeY said...

he is soooo ADORABLE!!! i love the picture of you and him, it is so cute how it looks like he is trying to give you a hug! did he even get any of the rice cereal in his mouth? i LOVE his temper tantrum face! it is so crazy how cute he is, as soon as i saw the pictures i started shaking. i just needed to give him a hug! love him!

dina marie said...

Bailey and I couldn't stop looking at these pictures. We kept laughing and laughing at the temper tantrum face! We are truly going to be in heaven when you come for Christmas. The picture of your tree is so pretty! We miss you all. Sending tons of love your way.

The Clarks said...

Oh sorry you had a bad day. It will be a great week! :) Cannon is getting so big, it is sad!! Cutest little thing ever! He looks just like you

Karm said...

awe Cannon is adorable. I like his mad face, and I use to always make my sons mad on purpose too just to see their cute angry face haha so I am sure its ok (: I love the holidays too!! (:

Leyla and Cody said...

Bree!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!! Don't be sad! Ok so these pics of Cannon are sooo cute! He is a character. We need to take pics ASAP. Time is seriously getting away from me. I will call you today. We need to catch up!

Audrey said...

Way to stay positive! I can just see you trying to get Cannon to make his "angry face" - and it cracks me up!

bAiLeY said...

i cant stop staring at these pictures! he is just so precious! i cant wait for you guys to come for christmas! so exciting! you guys will be here in 29 days! yay yay yay! love you!

Lee Party of 2 said...

okay seriously, you are tourturing me with these pictures! he's seriously TO DIE FOR! maybe i'm being a LITTLE bias but he's the cutest baby in the world! I LOVE HIS ANGRY FACE! hahah...what a doll! i'm SO excited for christmas time! i love you guys! nice work you two for making such an adorable baby. i hope the day really did get better...BIG LOVES!

Whitney said...

You are hired to come decorate my tree. Im having a bazillion people over this weekend and Im in re-do mode. Cant wait to see you guys. Cannon is adorable. I remember the rice cereal stage. I wish I was still in that stage right now. Now were in throw a fit over everything stage. its awesome.;)

Jamielyn said...

Your tree is BEAUTIFUL!! Love all the details! And your little boy is so cute! I love that stage!

whimsy said...

you are gorgeous! and so is your blog and your son! you and your hubby are darling, and im excited to be blog friends!

Pam said...

Your tree (and your little man) are gorgeous! just stopping over from I heart Naptime! :)