Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Dear all you beautiful haired ladies...yes you!
I want to know the hair products you CANNOT live without!
I use the "Matrix Vavoom Root Riser" and that's about it, but I'm
in need of some new stuff. I've been growing my hair out and lately it's
just felt...blah. (Although the baby trim I got a few weeks ago really helped. Thanks Leyla and Julianna!)
 I need something that will give me some texture, volume and well, just make my hair look hot!
Please and Thank you!

Love, Me!


Tahnee said...

i LOVE bed head small talk
catwalk fast fixx

Chelsey said...

Love the Pureology deep conditioner.

Anonymous said...

May I suggest egg whites.

Love you,


Andrea said...

Bed Head's Small talk is my favorite volumizer/thickener!

Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum is a great conditioner/smoother/heat protector.

and for a great "scrunch"ing/curl definer i love either catwalks "curl's rock" or john frieda's "frizzease".

:) xoxo!

Rad Rachel said...

First and foremost: HAPPY BIRTHDAY a bit ago! I hope you had a splendid day and people treated you very special on your special day. You deserve it.

Second: Egg whites.. Ha! Shelby still does that on a weekly basis.

Thirdly: Sorry, I'm not much help. I also use the matrix root thing like everyday and also a cerum after it's dry... but it's pretty boring if I do say so. Heck I'm going to need to read all your comments in a few days and get some tips for myself!!

Miss you Bree! Hope you have a wonderful day. :)

Julianna Farnsworth said...

i have fabulous stuff why didnt you tell me you needed this! TEXT ME!

Whitney said...

I love the Big sexy hair products.

Heidi said...

Love Eufora..doesn't weigh your hair down and smells great too!

Kim said...

BREE! I love Small Talk by Bed Head and also Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum! I also like the shampoo by Matrix:Biolage I love it! I used to use it all the time in Mesa! I hope this works for you! :) Love ya!

Sharisa at Outstanding Occasions said...

Kevin.Murphy Products!! Let me know and I can pick some up for you...I still owe you big time Lady!!

Lindsey said...

I LOVE Bumble and Bumble!

elise said...

i love this styling cream called being wild by rusk. i've used it for years. can't live without it! i even had my mom send it to me on my mission!

Bethany said...

I use catwalk curls rock but I have naturally wavy hair so it helps with that but it might add some volume to your hair i don't know, it's like the best product I have ever used though!