Thursday, February 19, 2009

Valentine Goodies How-To Guide

This year for Valentines day, I thought of making these goody jars...they ended up so cute and cheap! I filled it with a few different kinds of cookies and little heart shaped chocolates. They were a hit!
1. Buy glass jars...or other containers I suppose.
2. Pick out your favorite scrapbook paper...and it has to be your favorite.
3. Cut the paper into strips. Thick and long enough, to fit around the jar.
4. Cut out a circle for the lid.5. Glue the paper around the jar. I used modge podge.6. Do the same to the lid.
7. Pick out a darling trim and hot glue it around the lid.8. Ribbon. Find 1, 2, or even 3 different ribbons that match the image of your creation.9. I hot glued the thicker ribbon around the jar.10. I found these red hearts (24 for like $1) and hooked the crystal to it.11. I then tied the thinner black ribbon around the red, hooked the red heart through, and then tied a pretty bow. The bow has to be perfect otherwise it ruins everything.12. You could stop there...or you could find some bling, and attack the jar with it.13. Bling always makes things a little hotter!

And there you have it. A fun, cheap goody jar that's perfect for any occasion whether it be a holiday or a random act of yumminess!


Katie said...

you're right the bow must be perfect!! if it was not a perfect bow you would be a disgrace to your mother!!!!!!
very hott by the way, just like you


Ian and Kristen said...

Way cute Bree! You are just so crafty :)

Cherie said...

Bree that is really adorable - You have totally impressed me with your skills - I LOVE this!!

And Katie is right you are just like your mom the bow HAS TO BE perfect:D

LOVE IT!! (Did I say that already?).

P.S. My word verification is MATERS - that would have been so good on the post above - snicker snicker

Lauren said...

Cutest of my life! I made cute goodie bags for friends, but I never delivered them! I am such a bum...

Chelsea said...

Bree this is such a cuteeee idea!! You are always so creative.... I love it! :)

Whitney said...

You are so creative! I love your ideas.