Thursday, February 19, 2009

Valentines Weekend

Last weekend Bryce and I planned on having a romantic getaway and going up to the Clark family cabin in Strawberry. We left Friday after work, and on our way up Bryce told me he had actually reserved a hotel suite in Payson for the night. I was so excited. Our room was bomb. On one side of the bed was a fireplace and on the other, a jacuzzi. Needless to say, Bryce and I had way too much fun.
We made quite a mess! Lets just say...I didn't know shower gel could create bubbles like this, therefore I poured in half the bottle!There was so much snow at the cabin. I made Bryce go find a shovel and make me a path down to the door. I sound like a bratty wife but he was more than willing to do so :D

Saturday night we went to a little Italian Grill in Strawberry. If any of you have been to this unfortunate town, you know what I mean when I say "little." I think the restaurant was 2 trailers put together. We waited 2 hours before we got our food and I'm pretty sure all the waitresses (and guests) were on drugs. What a strange town. I wanted a cute picture of us on our first Valentines date together but by the time we left the place, there was steam coming out of our ears. I'm glad now we don't have that night documented! In all we had a blast. It was my first visit to the cabin and I'm sure we will have many more to come. We'll just buy our own groceries next time!


Cherie said...

Bree you scandalous little vixen I am laughing that you took a picture of you and Bryce in the tub!!
I think that is all the info. we all need about your valentine weekend - ha ha!
Glad you had fun!!

Are you having fun with your Mom?? Need pictures!!!!

Cherie said...

And P.S. Did you see the picture of you mom I put on my blog for Valentines day?
I just want you to know that I own many such pictures of you - Remember the hair when you were running for class office?? Oh yeah!!
Ummm You never leave me comments....I'm just saying (wink wink):D

J.D. and Micah said...

What a fun weekend!! And an even more fun bubble bath!!

Lauren said...

I have been to that Italian Restaurant! Man...I love Strawberry haha...

LOL at the tub picture!

Cherie said...

Bree you are so funny!! I am Definately printing that comment out it's going to be a collectors item for sure! Ha ha
I hope you know I was just teasing you - I love giving... Well pretty much anyone a hard time:D

Katie gets it the worst on her blog so just consider yourself loved!

See ya

Whitney said...

My grandparents used to have a cabin in strawberry and I have to agree its tiny! What a fun getaway for you two. Live it up!