Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Weekend Activities

Me, Mamasita, and GG at El Charro.
Our adorable nephew Daxten and his new lady friend!
Bryces company took us to Showlow this weekend to go snowboarding (of course a few of us girls went antique shopping instead.) We stayed in these darling cabins, and the bedspreads had mine and Bryce's initials! (totally diggin the lazy eye I have going on.)My mom was in town for her annual "Sister Reunion" but the older girl cousins were invited to dinner with them one of the nights!
Mom, Aunt Heather, and Me.
Me, Jenny, and Toni. (Funnest cousins ever!)


Higgs Happenin's said...

Nothin' like a mom visit eh?! So wait... did that bedspread have your initials on it accidentally? or purposefully? cause that's pretty coincidental...

Cherie said...

Um Yeah! I have seen you "snowboard Bree!" Good thing you went shopping - ha ha J/k!!