Wednesday, July 1, 2009

An award of some kind...

Cherie over at "Bakow Babble" tagged me and gave me this award. I have to tell you 7 things about myself that you may or may not know! Then I need to pass the award on to 7 people.

1. For as long as I can remember I've dreamed of going to cosmetology school and doing hair in my "Beauty Barn" (a red barn/salon in my backyard.) I guess to accomplish that I'd have to go to school huh. Someday! When I have money and I'm not like a five year old afraid of going to school by myself.

2. I have severe anxiety. A lot of the anxious feelings I have I don't really talk about because they are so extreme. I get scared to death to call or talk to strangers on the phone. I HATE phone calls. When I hear a really loud plane I think some terrorist country is going to bomb us, or it is going to crash into whatever building I'm in. If I see a shady person at a store, I think they are going to hold us hostage, or start shooting everyone. I have a hard time sleeping because any sound I hear, I think someone is breaking in. I've always been so scared to go anywhere by myself. I've had to get over that since my husband can't go to the grocery store with me every time I go.

3. I went from wearing scrubs every single day my freshman year (seriously EVERY DAY) to being voted "Best Dressed" of my senior class. Who'da thunk?

4. I'm a cry baby. I cry over everything. Movies, commercials, homeless people, etc... On the first day of health class my Junior year, we were watching a movie on suicide and there was this autistic boy who started crying and I went and sat by him and I started bawling too! I just can't watch people cry and keep it together.

5. I love singing. There's nothing better than being in the shower and just belting out a song. I sang the National Anthem at a few Boise State basketball games. One time in high school I was singing in the shower and my older brothers friends were over, and they were standing outside the bathroom listening to me sing. I was so embarrassed I think I stopped singing in the shower for a while. Ha ha.

6. I've always valued motherhood, and knew I was going to have lots of kids. I used to say I wanted 12 girls. Now that it's a possibility to start having kids I am so scared of it! How am I going to keep a baby or toddler happy and occupied ALL day long when I can't even do that for myself? And what about that precious sleep I NEED to function. I'm getting sick to my stomach just thinking about it. Next.

7. I'm allergic to metal. All growing up I had a huge rash on my stomach from the button on my jeans. I tried 4 times as a young girl to get my ears pierced, with all different kinds of metal, and every time they would get infected the same night I got them done. At the age of 19, I tried again after 7 years, and I've been able to wear earrings ever since! I still get a rash on my wrists if I wear metal bracelets and sometimes around my neck. At least I can wear my wedding ring!

I am passing this award/tag along to:

1. Dani @
Delightful Dani - She's my younger sister and best friend. Growing up Dani and I never got along. But after our family moved to Idaho we were forced to become close since we had no one else. Moving to Idaho for that reason alone, was totally worth it. I love you sis.

2. Mother @
The Gardner Gang - My mom is the strongest woman I know. She's had to go through a lot, and has hung on for dear life through it all. Thank you mom for your example to never give up, and always stay close to the Lord. I love you and I'm so grateful for the close relationship we've always had.

3. Ashtyn @
Two Boys and a Girl - Ashtyn is my wonderful sister in-law. I totally scored with marrying into the same family as her. She is the best mom to her adorable son Daxten, and wonderful wife to her hubby. She's always there for me, and teaches me through example how to be a better wife and person!

4. Brittany @
Higgs Happenins - Brittany and I have been dear friends since I moved to Idaho when I was thirteen. Man were we crazy! We went through a lot together and got through it all. She's one of those friends I will always have!

5. Rachel @
Rad Rachel - Nearly every sentence Brittany (above) is in, so is Rachel. We were all inseparable! Rachel kept us all on the straight and narrow! Not that we would stray at all because she would kill us if we did! She is currently traveling the world which I am extremely jealous of.

6. Kassi @
Kassi Chiles - I met Kassi when I was 19 and had just moved back to Arizona. She is one of the funnest people ever! Attending dance parties just wasn't right without her! One of my favorite memories with her was driving to the lake at 4 in the morning with the top down on her VW bug. Some creeper pulled up next to us and was hitting on her, and without looking over she rolled up the window....which was just one piece of glass since the roof was down! I laughed my face off that day. Kassi just got engaged and I couldn't be happier for her!

7. Callie @
Valentine's Day Every Day - My husband and Callie's husband are cousins, so we are cousins as well! She is absolutely darling and has the cutest little baby Porter. Her husband is out here in San Diego working with Bryce, while she is at their home in AZ. She's coming to visit for 2 weeks and I'm excited to get to hang out with her and do fun projects!

So there are the 7 for this award. Ladies put your award on your side bar and tell us 7 things we may not know about you. Then pass it on!


Cherie said...

Bree - Good job!!

I learned something. How did I miss that you were always allergic to metal and didn't have your ears pierced in High School?? Crazy!!

BTW you are going to be a great mom someday!!

heidi lou said...


go to beauty school! It's the best EVER! I had rashes on my belly growing up too.. They suck.

Austin and Ashtyn said...

Thanks girly you made my day! I am so glad you came into the family. I have always hoped I would get great sister-in-laws,(not having any sissys my age) and I dont know how the rest will be but I know for sure I got one great one!! :) I dont know why its taken this long for us to become close, But I am sure glad we have!

And I agree with Cherie, you are going to be a great mom! You have to over come some of your fears but we all do! Thats what motherhood is for.. Growing a child, helping him Grow and most importantly Growing yourself!

And I will do my 7 things when Daxey Boy is down.. its a long one!

Austin and Ashtyn said...

And i cant spell.. thats one thing people probably dont know about me! Overcome is one word!

Lauren said...

I have anxiety too...and I hate to talk about it too.

How amazing you got to sing at Boise games! So fun!

Rad Rachel said...

"And she'll see me... a winner"
OH man, I am truly honored Bree! HOwever, I'm a bit nervous!!! You see, I'm new to this blogging thing and I'm not sure I know how to do it! OH LANTA, welp we'll see.

PS you're wonderful and I think your 12 girls are going to be the luckiest little dolls in the world! FAITH NOT FEAR!!!!! (I have to tell myself this everyday) :)

Rad Rachel said...
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Rad Rachel said...

PPS your new decorations and cute things on your blog are SO adorable. I SERIOUSLY NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

"wooo, almost lost my cool there"

Whitney said...

So fun! Have you ever seen Tori and Dean home sweet hollywood. Tori Spelling is kinda paranoid too. My favorite thing she has ever said is when she was pregnant and her baby was kicking her and she thought the baby was going to puncture one of her internal organs... Trust me you will have a ton to do with a baby and then you will have nap time to do things for yourself. Sleep deprivation only lasts 6 weeks... well for me it did. I tell ya Baby wise is key! You are going to be a fantastic mom. I was so scared to get pregnant that when I knew it was time I couldnt say we were "trying" I had to say " What happens happens"

Dani Gardner said...

BREE i love your new header! so cute, how about you call me sometime, since you never answer my telephone calls...apology accepted, ha love you!