Thursday, February 18, 2010

So here's the story...

Bryce and I had our first ultrasound appointment February 1st. I hadn't been to the Dr. yet (bad I know, I've heard it) for insurance reasons, and was starting to get nervous that A, I didn't REALLY have a baby in my stomach and 2, if I did, there was more than one. So husband called this ultrasound clinic and made me an appointment. The night before I was up all night crying, scared to death of what I was to find out the next day. So what, I'm a cry baby with major anxiety... as husband would say G.O.I (get over it.) Anyway, the drive to Phoenix the next day was miserable. I thought I would throw up the whole way there. We got there in one piece, the lady starts the ultrasound and says "oh it looks like a girl!" (Those who have talked to me know I really, really wanted a girl) She wasn't positive though, and before she could tell for sure, our little man crossed his legs and therefore we couldn't see a thing. So she sent us home with an appointment to come back the next week. I was disappointed, but relieved to know that there was only 1 baby in my stomach and it was alive! I tried not to get my hopes up about it being a girl, but that's asking the impossible. I even planned her nursery. So the next Monday rolls around and it's time for that ultrasound. We had the same girl, who moved that little wand around for a good ten minutes not being able to see a thing. I was getting worried we would leave without a for sure answer when all of a sudden...there it was, plain as day. Proof that inside my big belly was a BOY! That had to be something else right? I acted as though I didn't see it...I asked her to point it out to me even though it was right in front of my face. I guess those Clarks really don't produce girls. We got in the car and Bryce looked at my quivering chin with a face that said "It's OK to cry." So I did. The tears didn't stop ALL. DAY. LONG. I was supposed to be a mom to girls. I can deal with their emotions and drama...boys on the other hand, well I just don't get them.
Now I know what you're all thinking. "What a freaking brat. She's going to be a horrible mom." But give me a break, I'm allowed to be a brat for a day. The next day I woke up knowing I needed an attitude change. That little baby was my beautiful son... that I chose. That I loved. Who cares that I had already planned a girl nursery and am bomb at making cute headbands! This little boy is going to teach me things I need to learn. He is going to love me like a girl couldn't love me. I'm so excited for him to join our family!

P.S. I am having so much fun imagining his nursery. I think it will come together quite nicely!
So here are the colors I chose. We went to home depot and picked out a paint sample. The walls, obviously will be the blue.
I am adoring this yellow crib. I'm scoping out Craigslist for the perfect one to paint...if anyone has one, let me know! I don't want a new one.
I found some fabric similar to this at JoAnns, along with a green corduroy. They looked darling together! Unless I find something I like better...this and the corduroy will be what I make the bedding/curtains out of!
I'm wanting to get a good collection of old frames to paint white and make a collage of. I think it will look cute on the blue wall!
Dear Chair-
You are beautiful. Where oh where can I find something similar to you that won't cost me a million dollars? That simply won't do.
Mother to-be that looks like a whale who just wants a cute chair.
So a while back I painted my sewing desk (with the help of my dear friend Leyla!) for my boutique display, I think it turned out pretty freaking cute. Whimsical isn't it? Something like this would be perfect in the nursery. I'll have to find a dresser or something to paint because we all know baby boy doesn't need a desk in his room yet. Unless he turns out to be some genius who pops out of the womb doing calculus.


dina marie said...

Okay, sweet bratty daughter of mine. You had me laughing out loud with this post! I love your sense of humor and I miss you. :( I am loving your ideas and the colors you chose. We are so excited for our grandson to make his grand entrance this summer. You are amazing. Keep up the humor and good attitude and things will be great. And yes, you are allowed a bratty day here and there. Love you shuggy!

Whitney said...

Um hello Im loving your color choices. So cute! When we found out we were having a girl, Zach asked the doctor how sure he was. Ha ha.

Dear Bryce,
The next time you decide to shoot sperm in your wife, make it a girl. ha ha.

The Turner Family said...

Cute colors you are very talented. I know you will fall in LOVE with your baby boy!

Connie said...

I seriously cried when I read those lines after your attitude change. You are so right. Let me tell you, boys are sooo fun. Of course, that's all I know (: You really will learn and grow a lot. You are darling. Not to mention-that stuff is darling! (:

Eve and Tim DeLoach x2 said...

ur gonna be a good mama with a boy or a girl! and later on down the road if you are suppose to raise a girl one will be sent to ya...cant wait to meet him.

Bree and Phil Killian said...

Haha girl, you are too cute! And soooo creative. I think every girl has her expectations of what they want first! its okay, dont worry. As soon as you see him itll alll make sense! you are too cute!!

The Brinkerhoff's said...

I seriously did the same thing when we found out we were having a boy!!! I cried and my husband said "My brother is going to kill me" hah but I just knew I was having a girl and I had already planned the nursury plus I could picture my two girls matching and all the fun we would have doing tons of girly things. WRONG!! BOY It took me a couple months to get use to the idea, but seriously boys are amazing and I Love my boy more than I ever dreamed!! You will LOVE IT!!!

bruce ♥ chanteal said...

Bree you will be an amazing mom regardless of what you have... Boys are a lot of fun!

I love the nursery colors! You should go garage selling to look for cribs! We go garage selling a lot, and we see them all the time!

Lacey said...

Oh my. All my friends are having boys. I have a feeling I'm going to be in those same girly loving shoes if I find out I am having a boy for my first too. I feel ya, but you know what? It would be the first boy in the next generation on my side and he would be darn cute with a father like my husband! (I think I'm preparing my future pep talk) I'm glad to know that I wouldn't be alone if I was initially emotional over it:) I can't wait to hear about your parenting adventure in the future!

Devin & Ruthann said...

I really wanted a girl with my first one too. I'm sure everyone tells you this, but it's really true that when you see your little boy you won't be able to imagine your life without him. They are the best blessing!

Rad Rachel said...

Bree darling, it's ok to be disappointed! All you've ever talked about is having 15 girls. Understandable. HOWEVER, I'm stoked you're having a boy, you've got plenty of time for girls!

Love how thrifty you're being! Ps don't give into the chair! Yes, it's stinking cute... but you will have more fun getting something cheap and making it beautimus. You're talented at that :)

TUC said...

Lol, this post reminded me of my first u/s trip to the dr with my first baby. I knew I had to have a girl... No WAY could I have a boy... what the heck would I do with a boy?

Uh, huh, a boy. A sweet bundle of amazing baby boy... a mama's boy. I fell so in love that I didn't even pout the next time when I saw that I was having a second boy :)

With my third, I insisted on being surprised, and I was... with a bundle of sweet girl!

Your nursery bits and pieces look awesome. You will have so much joy putting it all together.

Higgs Happenin's said...

You're going to be an AWESOME mom. I'm so glad Bryce is good to you!

Anonymous said...

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Jen&Joe said...

We have a crib like that (well my mother does) its basically brand new and never been used. Its white thought. Let me know. She bought it for 100 so i am sure she ll sell it for that!