Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I'm back!

Wow, I've been MIA for quite some time! I was in Idaho for 8 days and came home to no internet. Somehow it magically started working today after a week of being dead. Hallelujah.
I had lots of fun visiting my family. But I'm sure they were more than ready to send me back home to husband! They heard plenty of complaining and got sick of hearing the words "I can't, I'm pregnant!" Haha.
"Bree, shut the door." "I can't, I'm pregnant!" What a great excuse to have for 9 months!
Bailey and I, getting our "Lady Gaga" on.
Sissy, Mama, and Me.

Our odd obsession of taking pictures in stupid things!

We drove to Salt Lake for my cousins wedding and had so much fun driving in the car. NOT. My back sucks, and Bailey and Dani got in a punching fight. I wish I had a video of it cause I was shedding some major laughter tears in the back seat watching.

Taking pictures outside the temple in the snow/rain. It was freezing!

This is how I felt by the middle of the can only imagine me that night.

Mama and her girls. Don't they all look cute sporting their Laceybloom goodies I sent them for Christmas!? We also talked mom into letting me highlight Bailey's hair for the first time! It turned out darling sis!

Poor Dad was the only boy the whole trip. He acts like we drive him bonkers but we all know the truth! He just can't get enough of us!

Well family thanks for putting up with me! See you all when I resemble an elephant! Love!

Ps...I have the best husband in the world. He surprised me and painted babys nursery while I was gone. Pics to come soon!


Cherie said...

It was good to see you and rub your baby belly - LOL!!!

heidi lou said...

You're the cutest pregnant person ever!

Kevin + Audrey Fuller said...

Yay Bree! I love when you update! I'm way jealous you got to go home. + even more jealous you get warm weather right now!

Anonymous said...

you and dina are looking more and more alike... and i miss your dad. he's the greatest.

fai_cong said...

It was good to see you and rub your baby belly

Whitney said...

welcome back. Ive missed you.Please dont go a bazillion years again without updating. thanks.

dina marie said...

I was shocked to see your blog updated. It has been way too long. When your baby comes you won't be able to do this. I will expect a blog posting every single day. We never got tired of you saying "I can't. I'm pregnant!" It was just plain funny how random it came and for the dumbest things. :) Things just aren't the same without you here. It is always hard to send you home but it was good to get our "Bree fix" and for a whole eight days! Thanks Bryce, for sharing your pregnant wife with us. See you in June!

Eve and Tim DeLoach x2 said...

i love having sisters!

Higgs Happenin's said...

aw how sweet. You do have a good hubby and It makes me so happy that you do!

Love all the pictures with your fam!

J.D., Micah, {and} Jonnie said...

You and your sisters AND mom are GORGEOUS! sheesh.. talk about style. you've all got IT.

Send some my way:)

Rad Rachel said...

I just realized I didn't comment on this post! I love all your temple square photos. Such an awesome family. And of course you're adorable! My favorite pic is of you and rita with your umbrellas and your cute baby belly is showing. :)