Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hey you out there...

Dear Mommy-
I would like the following to be awaiting my arrival come July 10th. Please and thank you!
Your little babe who wishes to be stylin!

I've been making some fun little onesies for my cutie pie, pics to come soon!


Cherie said...

LOL! Bree you are so funny! This is going to be one well dressed boy!!
Way to go girl :D

dina marie said...

Can't wait to watch your son be the most stylin' kid in town! Of course it would help if I actually lived in town!

Rad Rachel said...

Stinking cute bree. Oh how I love little ties! I can't believe how close you are! I neeeeeeed to see you with your fun prego belly. Seriously. I'm dying. How are you doing? Are you still sick?

Logan said...

gosh youre going to be such a cute mommy... i got my swimsuit at target..