Monday, August 23, 2010

Back to school!

This morning was Bryce's first day of school.
Last night his mom asked if we were going to take a picture by the front door (tradition)...
Heck yeah, I told her. Bryce laughed and said
"Yeah right, you won't wake up at 7:00 am."
Wait, wait, wait.
Excuse MUAH?
Oh that's right, remember how the last 7 weeks you have slept soundly through
the middle of the night and all crazy hours of the morning as I wake up to feed our son!?
Yes dear, I will be up at 7 am with my camera ready!
So here you go Delight!
I really am so proud of Bryce. Up until recently it has been really hard for him to stay motivated for school. He has now decided he wants to become a P.A. and for the first time is really excited about school. I've always known that Bryce would do amazing at whatever he chooses to do, he just needed to find something he'd enjoy. So we'll see what happens, but for now that's the game plan!
I've really missed him this morning,
but at least I've got this little munchkin keeping me busy!

I love being a mom, but I must admit, it does get a little lonely talking in baby talk all day. I can just see my social skills walking out the door.
Peace out.
Then I remember it's all worth it when I see this handsome face!
In other news...we've been enjoying some awesome monsoon storms this week.
Cannon played in his first one Saturday night.
Loved it!


Cherie said...

Congrats to Bryce on back to school - I love that you took a picture by the door Bree - So funny!

Andrea said...

Bree!! so freaking funny! i love it!

and omgosh. cannon is a-dor-a-ble. love love love his smile!

Higgs Happenin's said...

haha You're funny. Love the pictures! Your lil man is so perfect in his cowboy boots haha.

Anonymous said...

BB, I can't quit looking at the pictures! Could there be anything cuter than "our" little cowboy who also is a handsome hunter plus an adorable smiley, happy baby boy! LOVE all 3 of you sooo much. Bryce, you look so "hot" on your first day of school. Good Luck--I know you'll be an awesome student.

The Clarks said...

haha I always get a pic of Aus by the door going back to school too but he always has the look on his face like "seriously" smile. Bryce is a good sport! I have felt the same way about losing social skills. You just have to make sure you get out and do lots of play dates with other momma's and make sure your only talks during the day isn't in baby talk! It is a challenge but I think so important :)

dina marie said...

Bailey and I have such a hard time looking at Cannon...we miss him! I love how much he is smiling now. The cowboy boots are way cute. Good luck with your semester, Bryce. Thanks for taking good care of my daughter and grandson. Bree get used to the incoherent baby talk. I am still using it after losing my brain to five kids. It never goes away. :) Love to you all.

Rad Rachel said...

Cutest smile EVER!!! Seriously, can this baby get any cuter???

Bree Chandler said...

Hey Girl!! You always do the cutest posts. Uh, You may think your social is goin out the door but its not! I promise! You are an amazing mom! and SO freakin talented! Could you just share the wealth?! JEEZ! haha Give me a call sometime girl we could do crafty, girly fun things!! :)
480 252 9582! Yaa babby! PS...LOVEEEE his cowboy boots haha

bAiLeY said...

oh we miss our little cannon!!:( his cowboy boots look HUGE on him! i cant wait to come to see you guys! give cannon a kiss for me!
love you!

Luke & Shawnie said...

haha too funny! Yay Bryce!Good luck! PA school is on my list of things to do if I don't go the nursing route...anyways, your little cannon couldn't be cuter! and P.S. I need your address- I have gotten from you once before but I dont know what I did with it! You can text it to me or email whatever..

Anonymous said...

Sweet web site, I hadn't noticed previously in my searches!
Carry on the good work!

Whitney said...

Woot Woot Bryce! Bree you are so cute. We need to put your social skills to work my friend and get together soon. Cannon is so handsome. I just love him.

Bree Chandler said...

YEA! Im surprised you remebered! I kinda felt like a creeper saying hi to you here...hahaha I was i know your sister in law, kinda, and I follow your blog. HAHA WEIRDDD! But Your Welcome!I really think you gotta call me sometime and we can do girly fun things!I need to get out more! Or if you want a babysitter HAHA :) Hope your doin good!!! :)