Sunday, August 29, 2010

The boys of fall!

Fall is quite an exciting time in the Clark family.
Hayden had his first high school football game Friday night...
In case you didn't know, the Clark boys are studs.
Hayd is playing on the Varsity team at Westwood as a sophomore this year and
we've been super pumped for the season to start! I believe
Mitchell's games start next month and we can't wait for those either!
Cannon's already a huge football fan!
Love you boys! Good luck this season. We'll be rootin for you!

PS...Sometimes I get a little embarrassed by Bryce's hootin and hollerin during the games. So honey, if I sit a few rows down next game, know I still love you, and I still think you're a total hunk!

Oh duh. I didn't even get a picture of the big star. Next time.


Higgs Happenin's said...

Cute family!

Alexa Mae said...

oh i am lovin' these cute pics! your baby boy is sure darling and growing!

bAiLeY said...

oh i miss cannon!! we get to see you guys next week!! crazy! love you guys so much!

dina marie said...

I should be there holding that cute baby! Life is just not fair.

dina marie said...
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Whitney said...

When we went to school there was a section called the Hot pocket. We had shirts and everything. We actually led the cheerleaders in their cheers. Hysterical. Since Bryce was playing its his time to be in the hot pocket. Just let it happen.

Anonymous said...

Bree....It's great to see your blood has turned deep orange like mine! And to pass it on to my grandson....I am one proud papa. WAR EAGLE!


The Douglas Family said...

Omg I am so happy you found me because now I can see your adorable blog! And might I add that you have such a cute baby! He is going to be a heartbreaker for sure!!!