Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy Birthday My Love.

Today is my Sugars 24th birthday!
*He started out the day by waking at the crack of dawn to test his new shotgun!
*His sweet mama surprised him and came and drew a cute chalk picture on our driveway before she went to work
*Got a sale at work
*Went shopping with his favorite wifey and little bubba.
*Then finished the day off with some yummy BBQ and awesome best friends!
I love you so hard Shug. You're my very best friend. ("And you're mine too Todd!")
I hope your day was special.

Leyla took a few pics of Cannon for Bryce's b-day. (By a few....I mean like 150) Too bad he's not a fan of the camera. Somehow she managed to get some cute ones through all the tears.
Leyla- You're the best! Thank you thank you.


dina marie said...

Happy Birthday Bryce! I am glad that he finally got to see the great pictures Lela took. She did an amazing job. We stare at our sweet Cannon all the time. The one of him in the tub is my favorite. I laughed when I read, "And you're mine too Todd." Love that line and the movie. It sounds like it was a good day for Bryce. That was super nice of his mom. Two more days and I will be holding my darling grandson. I am hoping that he will help relieve some of the stress that is building. It is hard to believe the wedding is right around the corner. Scary. I love you and your sweet family. Life is good.

Rad Rachel said...

SO so cute. Ps you're hair is LONG Bree! I'm lovin it!!! So festive.

bAiLeY said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! i love the picture of margot kissing cannon! you should have got a picture of the chalk picture! :) love you guys!!!


Whitney said...

Old man riverrrr!!! Oh who am I to talk? Ill be there in 6 months. I cant believe we are seriously this old. Happy birthday Bryce!! And those pictures of Cannon are so precious. He seriously looks JUST like a clark boy.

The Clarks said...

Oh hope Bryce had a great day! Those pictures are darling Bree! He is changing so much!! I cant tell who he looks like. I think he looks so much like your family but I see Bryce too. Who do you guys think he looks like?

Envy My Cooking said...

K so you dont know me.. but i went to school with Austin and bryce! I love love your pics.. who did them? They are so cute!

Jenny steiner

Lindsay Shreeve said...

Happy Birthday to Bryce! Those pictures are so dang cute! Your lil guy is so handsome!